YouTube Removes All Kanye Live Performance Videos For Copyright

Videos of Kanye West doing live performances are being taken down for copyright infringement by YouTube. In some cases, the video website is shutting down entire accounts.

Several people took to Twitter to express their frustrations over the videos being taken down, including radio personality Miss Info, Fake Shore Drive founder Andrew Barber and media personality Necole Bitchie.

” Thanks@kanyewestfor getting my youtube shut down,” Bitchie writes. “No weapon will form against me.”

” Filed copyright claims on videos I recorded at his show 4 years ago after being invited by his label to cover it,” she continues.

“.@kanyewest can you please holler at IFPI /@YouTubewho are deleting my youtube account for live performance videos from 8 years ago ” Barber says.

“the overlords are doing a Kanye cleansing on youtube, but trust Kris would never do a Kardashian kleanse of YT, IG, Pint, FB, HypeHair, nada,” Miss Info writes on her account.

It is unclear if West had anything to do with the removal of the videos.

Others shared pictures of the notices of copyright infringement sent by YouTube to inform users that their videos were being taken down. Multiple strikes will reportedly result in the account being shut down.

By the way, as of Monday, T.L.O.P album had been downloaded 500,000 times illegally according to reports. Nice one idiot.

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