Wale Spent $1.1 Million On Uber in 2014

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Some rappers spend money on personal drivers. Some pride themselves on their expensive car collections. Wale spent $1.1 million on Uber 2014, the rapper says on Twitter.

After calling the car service “the lowkey devil,” someone commented on how expensive Uber’s fees are.

” I spent 1.1 Milly on über in 2014 ” Wale says.

When asked to explain the seemingly exorbitant amount, Wale says he lost track of time.

” Goin to @FrencHMonTanA ‘s crib and stayin for dumb long while the meter was on a few times,” he says.

He then reaches out to Uber’s competitor, Lyft.

“Hey stranger ? @lyft ” he says.

” @Wale Strangers no more! How’s it going, friend?”
The Lyft account responds with an picture of George from the television show  Seinfeld, which the rapper is a fan of.

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