The Game Losses $10 million In A Sexual assault lawsuit.

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Los Angeles rapper The Game used social media to issue his response to the $10 million, sexual assault lawsuit he lost this week.

The West Coast lyricist, who was in Rotterdam, Netherlands at the time, uploaded a picture of himself clad in Louis Vuitton gloves to Instagram and addressed the lawsuit in his caption.

The Game went on to clarify that the woman who filed the lawsuit, Priscilla Rainey, did not win $10 million.

According to the rapper, he lost the case because he was out of the country and unable to appear in court. He also explained that Rainey did win a judgement but will not see any money once his lawyers respond.

Rainey, who was a contestant on The Game’s reality dating show, “She’s Got Game” filed her lawsuit against the rapper last August.

She claims she was sexually assaulted by The Game when the two went on a date after filming for the VH1 reality show. The former contestant also alleges that the musician was drunk and high at the time of the assault

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