The comfy trend of pajamas

Bed-wears/ pajamas has been considered by many as  robes made just for bedtime, but recently that notion has been proven wrong and archaic as it is one of the newest fashion trends to come out from the spring 2016 runway season. It has been seen as a chick and comfiest fashion trends of all times as we’ve seen teddies, chemises and even full-on pajamas on the runways of Celine and Balenciaga, to name a couple. Although, Street style stars have already approved the look by way of silk pajama sets and piped cotton night shirts due to it classy look but I bet you this fashion trend is meant for the bold and classy.


There are elegant and easy ways to rock your pajamas for that stylish look. You can rock your pajamas in a kimono-style robe, belt it over a pair of jeans instead of a jacket. Then also consider going for silk to give that elegant look and you can knock down your pajamas be it cotton or silk could be rocked with an open neckline with a boyfriend jeans or pencil skirt. This trendy style has been ongoing for decades but has not been laud until the spring 2016 runway when models displayed different ways in which the style can be switched, while rocking this style you can also give it a differentiating feature in your out-of-doors boudoir look by kitting it up with a double-breasted top, printed style or tapered leg and a pair of shoe that looks decidedly not like slippers to give it that awesome then you will be all good to go!







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