Students Aggrieved over poor treatment in Yaba College of Technology

Students Aggrieved over poor treatment in Yaba College of Technology

Students of Yaba College of Technology are no longer happy with the manner in which the management enthrall, extort and manipulate them. The college has been seen by all and  sundry as a major institution and so when such negative and appalling matters concerning the college arises, they see it as a make believe but it is only an aggrieved and angry student that have had it up to the neckline, can decide to let the cat out of the bag.

It all began when the management decided to scrapped the Student Union Government (S.U.G) in 2015 and since then, there has not been any student body to lay the cries and sufferings of the students to the management. The students are now considered abandoned and left out.

It is believed by most students that actually knows that they are being enslaved by the college, that the prominent and laudable praises that follows the utterance of the name of the college is a mere past glory which has lost its tide due to the inefficiency of the school authority.

Students of the school are being maltreated and treated as scape goats, the inconsiderate attitude of the management in carrying out the affairs that concerns the students is alarming, the college did not like the students washing  its dirty linen with the media or opening up an embarrassing story,  whenever cases that will attract the media arise yet they have refuse to take up their responsibility appropriated for instance in the case of the fire incidence that engulfed the uppermost floor of a hall of residence in the college, the affected students have not been compensated and the injured ones have been chased out of the hospital with different excuses.

The school fees have been increase without the knowledge of the students and 5000 naira for damages has been asked to be paid by all students, a fee which resulted from a protest embarked upon by the students last year and that damaged some of the school properties; avenging the death of a final year student who died due the negligence on the part of the school’s clinic officials.

During exam periods there is rarely electricity, water in the school and so, and students are being subjected to the dangerous adjustments just to cope, for instance, in such period students use sachet water to bath, use street lights to read at night and the likes. Other eyesore includes the dilapidated state of the laboratories which is nothing to write home about.

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