Style tip: How to Find Your Style Uniform by Karla Welch

This  November, join stylist-to-the-stars Karla Welch in her personal-style bootcamp. This week, make your life easy—find your personal uniform.

When you’re figuring out your own style uniform, it’s always good to look around at people who you think are really beautifully dressed. If you can’t figure it out for yourself right away, find someone to copy—people whose style you really like, someone you can identify with. And then, before you get a whole new wardrobe, shop your own closet. Either have a friend help you or do it yourself. It doesn’t even have to be a clean-out—just pull out the things you really love to wear that you feel great in, and see how you can build upon those pieces, because no one really has the resources to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Have a pile of: “These are the total go-tos,” and “these are the special pieces…” And then just kind of look and see what you need.


Everybody needs a great pair of jeans. You need jeans that can go to a lunch meeting or a cocktail after work. No rips. A pair that you look great in. For one woman it’s a long skinny black jean, and maybe for another woman it’s a pair of Levi’s that are slightly baggy. Just that go-to that you love. And then I think everybody needs a great white T-shirt, which would be mine, obviously.


A go-to blazer. Black or navy. And I think black, because black just kind of works for everything and works into the night wardrobe. There’s the oversized fit and then there’s the tailored fit. I have both and I wear both.


I love a good turtleneck, and it’s such a cool layering piece now. You know, you have a cream one under your blazer, but you could also put one under your sweatshirt, as well, which is super cute.


The go-to dress that you can go out in—whether it’s a slip dress that you can throw a motorcycle jacket or sweater on top of.


A pair of heels you can walk in that are multi-purpose.


A chic sneaker. It could be Vans, or it could be a slip-on Gucci. Look at Ellen. She always has sneakers on. It looks totally put together. I always love a good loafer or a good slip-on shoe. Especially when it comes to uniform dressing, the shoe is the place to play with. And I think you should invest in three pairs that you like. Go to Zara. They have great shoes. Or if your budget is Chanel, go to Chanel and get a Chanel bootie or a little flat. If your clothes are a little simple, with the shoe, you can go a little crazy. It really changes the look.






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