SPOTLIGHT: Cassper Nyovest’s success is a story of sacrifice and dedication

SPOTLIGHT: Cassper Nyovest’s success is a story of sacrifice and dedication

With determination, perseverance, faith and months of hardwork, Cassper Nyovest made his dream a reality when he attracted about 36 000 people to Orlando Stadium over the weekend.

Even though Cassper fell short of filling up the 40 000-seater stadium by just a few ticket sales, that did not dampen the rapper’s accomplishment and Mzansi has been celebrating him.

The show Cassper produced for the 30 000 strong crowd, who came out to support him, was also nothing short of world-class and spectacular.

It was an emotional moment for Cassper as he stood up on that stage and took in the mammoth accomplishment.

And the moment surely made all the sacrifices he’s had to make completely worth it.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE  just days before the iconic show, Cassper opened up about the cost of being a successful artist.

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Below are his major points;

Sleep is a luxury

“To be successful as I am you have to forget about sleep, a girlfriend or having any time to nurse any kind of relationship,” he said.

Cassper explained that sleep has become somewhat of a luxury to him these days, as he prefers being in studio making music.

“My relationship even took a turn for the worse because of my job. I didn’t have time to be with the woman I was with,” he said.

Hardwork pays off

The rapper wants his fans to know that nothing comes without hardwork. It is also the reason he stopped ‘flaunting’ his watches and cars on social media.

“When I put up pictures of my cars and watches its to inspire but I realised that I needed to slow down. People were seeing me as the flashy guy instead of the musician, and I also wanted to let people know how I make my money,” he added.

Dealing with bad publicity

After going through many ups and downs in his career, Cassper said that entertaining negativity was a thing of the past.

“I don’t  deal with bad publicity anymore – I just keep quiet. I used to try and explain but it didn’t help,” he said.

The only thing that the rapper will not tolerate is negative things being said about his family. Like that awkward situation where Penny Penny ‘joked’ about being his father.

“Dude by joking about that he was saying he had sex with my mom. That really pissed me off,” he said.

Cassper added that his mom resolved the matter in court.  “I wasn’t involved in the matter, my mom took him to court because she wanted him to understand the seriousness of the situation.”

Not giving up on Minnie Dlamini

Everyone knows that Cassper is absolutely smitten with Minnie and has even admitted that he wants to marry her.

But it’s also no secret that Minnie has ‘friend-zoned’ him on more than a few occasions, but that’s okay because Cassper doesn’t plan on giving up on her.

Taking a trip down memory lane, Cassper said that he’s had a crush on Minnie from the first moment he saw her on TV in 2010. Woah! That’s six years now.

The rapper also admitted to Minnie ‘friend-zoning’ him, but says he’s determined to win her over.

“She has friend-zoned me-but you know me I don’t give up. She thinks I’m joking.”

The Doc Shebeleza hitmaker added that if Minnie gave him a chance, he’d marry her on the spot and give her his babies.

Making History

Cassper Nyovest is a name that kids will remember for generations to come- and this is what the rapper lives for. Cassper whose journey into the industry hasn’t been a walk in the park wants to inspire kids to believe in their dreams.

“I want to inspire kids to believe that they can change the world.”

And after this past weekend, like us, the whole of Mzansi has been left in awe of the rapper from Maftown, Cassper Nyovest.



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