OKANSOSO: A Gripping New Drama To Premiere On APATA TV (Youtube) On 28th May 2023

OKANSOSO a captivating new film embodying the profound human desires for wealth,

children, and good health, will debut on APATA TV (YouTube) on May 28, 2023. The story

revolves around the lives of a couple, played by Ibrahim Chatta and his on-screen wife,

destined to be blessed with only one of these coveted life's gifts. The film unravels their

poignant journey as they make their challenging choice.

With an exceptional cast featuring A-list stars such as Ibrahim Chatta, Yinka Quadri, Jumoke

George, Kemi Korede, and others, OKANSOSO guarantees a powerful and immersive

cinematic experience for its viewers.

Behind this compelling narrative is the expertise of film producer Obadina Olamilekan Fala

JNR. A graduate of Mass Communication from the Ibadan Polytechnic, Fala JNR is the son

of the esteemed veteran actor, filmmaker, and director, Mr Monsuru Obadina, a.k.a. Fala. He

carries forward his father’s legacy with the same passion and dedication, having

successfully produced and coordinated numerous films.

Fala JNR has gathered a highly skilled crew to ensure the seamless creation of

OKANSOSO. The film is co-directed by Wale Ilebiyi and the respected Monsuru Obadina

Fala. The team includes Olaide Ishola (Manager), Olaolu Obaju Layewu (Coordinator), Dotun

Olanite (Continuity), Adesoji O. Peter (Sound), Bose Joseph (Make-up), with visual elements

captured by D.O.Ps Omoiya Hanna and Tunde Fala. The film is expertly edited by Mr Dre

Films and subtitled by Rachael Akinde.

OKANSOSO is a testament to Fala’s commitment to delivering high-quality content,

further establishing his reputation in the film industry.

Join us on APATA TV (YouTube) on May 28, 2023, to witness the emotional and intriguing

journey of OKANSOSO

Stay tuned, and don’t miss out on this cinematic spectacle.

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