Kanye West Alleged To Be Cheating On Kim with Savannah Winters

Kanye West Alleged To Be Cheating On Kim with Savannah Winters

Savannah Winters. Kim Kardashian divorce speculation is heating up after a report that Kanye West might be cheating on his reality star wife.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been the center of new divorce rumors. According to reports, the rapper has been sneaking around on his wife with is his alleged side chick model Savannah Winters.

Savannah Winters is reportedly the object of Kanye’s desire and a friend of hers has allegedly spilled the beans on the secret affair.

The couple known as “Kimye” have been haunted by divorce rumors for some time. Now there’s a new set of rumors claiming that Kanye West is cheating on his reality-star wife. The rapper and fashion designer has been reportedly hooking up with Savannah Winters.

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According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Kanye West has been having an affair with the budding model. A simple Google search reveals little details about Winters, except for a few sexy photos. The supposed source in question spoke to an online tabloid about their tryst.

“Kim [has] got a LOT to be worried about cause this chick is absolutely gorgeous,” the source claims.

The friend of Winter has supposedly said, “one of my friends from high school is messing around with Kanye West.” Her so-called friend admitted that he found out about their alleged affair when he went through their phone. He says that he plans to come out with more information about West and Winter’s affair.

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