He’s christened Folarin Falana but popularly known and called ‘Falz The Bahd Guy’ by friends and fans in the entertainment circle. The Ekiti indigene trained lawyer was born and bred in Lagos; the centre of excellence, schooled in Osun State before he travelled out of the shores of Nigeria to pursue a Law degree in the UK.

The comical artiste speaks exclusively to ACADA on his style of music, name, choice of lady, sense of homour and his latest single ‘Karashika’ amongst other interesting issues.

As a graduate of Law and a qualified Barrister, what inspired you to drop law for music?

It’s a matter of passion when you have passion for something, it’s not that maybe I don’t like legal profession, law is wonderful prestigious profession, I am also somebody that if I follow that line, I will still be successful. Why? It’s because there is brain upstairs a lot up there. But something of passion I love so much to do is that I really enjoy myself anytime I’m writing or recording music and performing on the stage. You know something that gives you maximum satisfaction. There is no way you will not follow your heart and that is why am here today.

Which institutions did you attend and where?

You see in terms of my educational background generally speaking people often doubt my qualification but I will have you know that I have a lot of certificates but the most recent of all is my certificate of ‘Call to Bar’,I am a practicing Barrister called to Nigeria Bar after attending Law School in Abuja. Before which I went to the University of Reading in the UK, secondary school I went to Olashore International School, Osun State, am a mixed of different environment generally speaking at least very well traveled.

How and why did you come up with the name ‘Falz The Bahd Guy’?

The name ‘Falz The Bahd Guy’ generally speaking is just a title that they give me when you say somebody is bad guy you know that there is something about him that is so strong; something about his character that is so strong. That is why they have to call him the Bad Guy but! My own Bad guy actually have an acronym because I spell it BAHD “Brilliant and Highly Distinct” So that’s the kind of Guy that I am exactly.

If you aren’t doing music or practicing law, what else would you rather find yourself doing?

Well, apart from music and law if there’s something I want to do professionally… I would like to be a professional Footballer; I so much like sport and football in particular. I believe so much in my skills as well, I think I’m capable of playing professionally, the problem is that super eagles suppose to sign me but they missed their chance, they missed their opportunity but it’s so unfortunate for them… what can I say? Lol…

You seem to have quite a large number of viewers on YouTube and other platforms because of your comical and humorous videos/skits, what inspires the idea and concept behind these videos?

The skits are just something of comedy nature, I can not necessarily call myself a comedian but I like to say I’m comical, comical because all these things I do of is like funny stuffs but generally speaking initially I didn’t even want to do something like interaction with my followers with my fans and before I know it, it’s out of hand. You know everything just go out of hand.

But what really inspire me are just things that happening in life around me. Generally speaking there are a lot of local people in my surrounding, so all I do is just tap into the anointing and then just try to express myself and you know that’s what the end result is always.

Is Falz in a relationship?

Well in terms of relationship matter, I want to keep that one aside for now because relationship can be distraction, when somebody loves a woman so much he abandons his work and those things I don’t want that to be my story. So matter of relationship is to one side, I am still single and I don’t have anybody.

So should we #tag you (SSS) single and seriously searching or (SRM) Single Ready to Mingle?

No it’s not like single and just ok where it is, I am not necessarily searching and not searching doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not ready to mingle. We can still mingle and catch fun together and who knows somebody may just capture my heart. So I may be over here saying I’m not searching, I’m not searching and somebody may be out there just planning for me and by the time they capture me like this I will become love struck what can I do when it happens?

You did a song with Yemi Alade “Marry Me” do you have any intension of getting married soon?

Marriage! Marriage is a matter of serious stuff one cannot just jump into it like that, so when people ask me about marriage plans and stuffs like that, I just tell them God’s time is the best time. At this moment I don’t want to jump into it and say that maybe tomorrow no but sometimes in the future, but I believe that whenever God says it will be it will be.

How do you like your girls/girls, Tall or Short, Dark or Light skinned, Big or small?

To be completely honest in terms of stature not necessarily, particular of a stature but somebody who is very intelligent, somebody with a wonderful sense of humor these are the things I really look out for in a woman. But in terms of preference generally I think I like the light skinned girls but this doesn’t necessarily means that there is no hope for dark skinned girls and it doesn’t mean that you should go and bleach.

Tell us more about your latest song ‘Karishika’.

‘Karashika is a name that we build from old Nollywood movie, if you remember it was such a scary movie and it really torment me in my childhood back then I was so afraid that anytime I watched it, I won’t be able to go anywhere alone back then. So I remember it to be so scary, so we picked it and we made that ‘Karashika’ to be the figurative expression for anybody in this life that may have appearance of witchcraft or anything or just anybody that may be trying to bring you down that is the meaning of that ‘Karashika’.

If you had to date a Nigerian celebrity, who would it be and why?

Wow! Wow!! Wow! Maybe Chidinma or Yemi Alade; Please don’t forget these are beautiful ladies and I will like to date them.

What do you like about Chidinma?


She’s very pretty, she’s petit, there’s cuteness and sweetness about her and that what’s attractive about her, although we have not yet necessarily flow to that level for me to know what’s inside her am only speaking from the outside that’s it.

What about Yemi Alade?

Yemi Alade is also beautiful if you look at her physic, I swear one cannot deny that; in fact that’s a wonderful lady but you know also it’s not maybe that we know each other to that extent that I can also say that ok, these are what will make me want to date her, I’ m only speaking based on the looks.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done?

Well one time I ate antelope meat, it’s a bit strange to me; it’s not normal but it actually taste very nice, very nice we mixed it with palm wine and it got down so nicely. If you are out there and you’ve never tasted antelope meat with palm wine, I think you should try it today, trust me you will like it.

How many people have you done music with in the entertainment industry?

I’ve worked with a lot of people on my first album, a lot of people might not know that though, but I put out my debut album last year 2014. On that album, I worked with the likes of Olamide, Zion, Show Dem Camp, Oyinkansola, Phyno… a whole bunch of guys. So much people on that album and very recently on my latest ‘Karashika’ I featured Phyno and Chigal. I have worked with a lot of other people but unreleased materials I don’t want to announce, until then. So please wait for other collaborations coming soon.

Describe your style of music in one word?

My style of music in one word is distinct; because everything inside my music, sets me apart from everybody else, now if you listen to my records you will not understand the angle I am coming from because it’s something that you will be like who is this guy, what really happened to him and why is he doing like this? But that is my own style that is the approach. A lot of my lyrical content is laced with humour; such as funny orikis and stuffs, but if you listen more deeply listen beyond that humor there’s always a strong message in every record but some people will not listen beyond the humor why?

All because they are catching fun, laughing at all the lyrical content and stuffs but if you still listen beyond that you are always going to pick something and that is what I stand for. I have my own genre of music too and its call ‘Wotzupmusic’.

What is the most treasured gift life has given to you?

The opportunity to chase my dreams; I think there’s nothing that surpasses that for someone to have that satisfaction of being able to achieve what they’ve always dreamt to be, and that is the most treasured gift that life has given to me.

Can you list top 5 best female artistes in Nigeria according to Falz?

On number 1, I have Yemi Alade, followed by Tiwa Savage, then Seyi Shay, I will pick Chidinma and on number 5 will be Cynthia Morgan.

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