Hair Ideas For Rainy Days

  When you get caught in a downpour, it can be hard to keep your hair looking as good as when you left the house. When it rains, ultimately the water and humidity are your worst enemies, says Fugate. “Keeping your hair contained and bound allows for less room for frizz and wayward strands.”

The most classic go-to style would be to slick your hair back into chignon or top knot since it embraces the sleek look. But give the do “a more intentional look by placing an embellished barrette on the side of your bun, says Fugate. You can also stack a few bobbi pins together for an easy upgrade.

“Braids are another go-to style since it keeps your hair wrapped away from the elements,” says Fugate who suggests going for the currently on trend double braids (as seen on Kardashians). If you’re a braid novice, go for simpler version by plaiting a traditional three strand braid, starting from the hairline and working your way down to the ends. But the key here is to pull the sections under rather than over though so it allows the braid to sit securely on top of the head, says Fugate.

And if you’re someone who really prefers to wears their hair down, create a tight braid while you’re outside and then unravel later once hair is nearly dry. “The tension at the top of the crown allows the hair to stay smooth and then you get a beachy  wave at the bottom so hair is less likely to look frizzy,” says Fugate. Add a blast of dry shampoo to give further texture and body from mid-shaft through ends.

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