Bisola feels betrayed by TTT disclosing his being married

Bisola feels betrayed by TTT disclosing his being married

The first runner-up in the just concluded Big Brother Naija, Bisola has expressed displeasure with the revelation that her fellow housemate, Thin Tall Tony is married.

She said this speaking shortly before returning to the country from South Africa, venue of the reality show.

“Good thing, I did not have it in my head that I was going to come out and have a sort of romance with you, but hey, I hope your wife did not deal with you too much, but somehow I feel sort of slightly betrayed that he betrayed that friendship that I thought we had, I thought we could really be close buddies outside of the house.

TTT wife

“So, yes, Tony, I hope your family is doing great, well done to you, to them, feel just a little betrayed that, we were really close, come on, we shared a lot of things together.

“This one thing that you didn’t say, I don’t know why. Anyway, it’s your choice, you played the game the best way you know how to.”

On what she would do on seeing her daughter, she said, “When I get home and see my beautiful daughter, the first thing I would do, is kiss her till she turns red, not pink, red.”

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