Beauty Tricks to Make Those Gorgeous Eyes Pop

While the eyes might be the window to the soul, they can also capture the attention of the hottie across the bar. In case you missed it: A recent study showed seventy percent of men notice your eyes before any other trait. Try these four tips from Women’s Health beauty editor Jill Percia to make your eyes look bigger, bolder, and more beautiful.

Choose Shimmer Over Matte
“The sheen reflects light and makes eyes appear brighter and more awake,” says Percia. “A universally flattering shade is shimmery taupe or even rose gold.

Curl, Baby Curl
Curled lashes make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful in seconds. Always use an eyelash curler before applying your mascara.

Amp Up Your Lower Lashes
Using a skinny shadow brush, sweep shadow along your lower lash line so it just skims your lashes. Percia recommends a matte chocolate brown shadow (black can be too harsh) to get big, sexy, smoldering eyes.

Get Wings
“A cat eye is the makeup equivalent of putting on a pair of stilettos: Instant sexiness,” says Percia. Extend your shadow or liner a quarter-inch past the outer corners of your eyes to get a sexy, cat eye look. Concentrating more mascara on the outer corners of your lashes will help amplify the winged liner look.

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