4 Things you Should do before Getting that Bangs

So many questions comes to mind, like What if I can’t pull them off? What if I get sick of them after five minutes? Such questions prompted me to do some research and I was able to get some  stylists advice. Now we can all finally decide if we’re meant to have bangs and move on with our lives.

  1. Ask yourself, ‘Am I low maintenance?’

Be honest. If the answer is yes, step away from the scissors. For you, a life with bangs means a life spent looking for the next bobby pin. Bangs need maintenance–think a trim every few weeks–to keep them looking chic, not shaggy.

  1. Assess your cowlicks

If you have one, talk to your stylist to figure out if it’s going to derail your new look. “It can be a serious issue when it comes to styling,” says hair pro Rossano Ferretti.

  1. Buy some false fringe

If you want to pull some bangs for one night only. “You can find clip-in sets at most beauty supply stores. “Try out different lengths and shapes to see which works best for you.

  1. Beef up your beauty arsenal

Before you get frustrated by how quickly your bangs look greasy (thanks to their perch on your forehead), stock up on dry shampoo.

Once you make the chop you can deposit the powder at the roots and massage it in with your fingers as needed (use a blow dryer, or even the hand dryer in your office bathroom, to get rid of any residue).

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