Oyo Commissioner threatens to deal with UI students if they take protest off-campus

Oyo Commissioner threatens to deal with UI students if they take protest off-campus

The Commissioner of Police in Oyo State, Mr. Adekunle Odude has threatened to deal with students found protesting off-campus.

An audio recording of a phone call believed to be between the Oyo State Commissioner of Police and the President of the Student Union, Ojo Aderemi is currently in circulation.

The Commissioner, on record said he’ll “If you (students) come out of the University of Ibadan tomorrow (Tuesday 30th of May), I’ll deal with anybody that does that.  If you want to protest, protest within your University.”

He also said damage to government property will be dealt with accordingly.

“Go and warn your students,” he said to the Student Leader, “if they like their lives, none of them should come out of that school. If any student comes out tomorrow in protest and blocks any road, I’ll deal with them.”

The school authorities ordered the closure of the school till July, and students were ordered to vacate the premises immediately.

By Tuesday morning, students were already moving out of the school, with no signs of protest anywhere.

According to a student Akapo Temitope “The V.C headed to Diamond FM, the schools official radio station and declared the suspension of first semester exams till 17th of July, 2017 and ordered the students out of halls of residence before 6pm and closed the school this decision however met the members of the Senate in shock and they divided against the vice chancellor and stated a meeting for 12pm, 30th of May.”

The Student Union leaders met with the University Senate at 12pm and the results of the meeting remain unknown.


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