ZTE has unveiled its latest Android smartphones. Included in the launch are new mid-range Blade V9 family, as well as the new Android Go-powered Tempo

Last year’s Blade V8 Pro was a pretty excellent phone at an affordable price point. With the Blade V9, ZTE is upping the value with a brand new design, updated specs, and Android Oreo out of the box.

The biggest improvements on the Blade V9 over predecessors come in the display and hardware. As with many phones nowadays, there’s an aluminum frame with a glass back to compliment it. The real highlight, though, is the 5.7-inch display which has an 18:9 aspect ratio. There are also dual-cameras on the rear with a special sensor dedicated to low-light.

The sleek and effortless design of the ZTE Blade V9 features an industry leading screen-to-body ratio of 83.6%, and provides a superior user experience that allows consumers to quickly and efficiently navigate with minimal reach. Furthermore, the dual camera low-light technology enables consumers to capture clear and stunning nighttime photographs and experience low-light photography like never before.

As for Android Oreo with up to 4GB of RAM, up to 64GB of storage, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 450 processor. There’s a primary 16MP camera on the back with that 5MP low-light sensor alongside, and also an 8MP front-facing camera.

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