Zamfara Corpers cry for justice over colleague flogged & detained by Police

Zamfara Corpers cry for justice over colleague flogged & detained by Police

Zamfara Corpers serving in Kaura Namoda, Zamfara State have sent an appeal for justice over one of their colleagues who according to them was maltreated and brutalised.

In their message tagged: WHO WILL HEAR, AND NOT CRY? They lamented that Michael, the male corper was allegedly brutalised by the policemen simply because he scolded one of his students and asked the student to kneel down. The corpers in their petition alleged that the policemen were paid by the rich father of the student to punish Micheal and unjustly throw him behind bars.

Micheal is currently in police detention and his colleagues are crying for justice. Our hearts are thumping out: strong rhythms of pain. Our dignity has been trampled and mangled with reckless impunity. God!

Michael, who is serving his fatherland in Nasara Standard Academy perceived as the shining light in a tottering secondary education system in Kaura Namoda was brutalised and manhandled by a team comprising of the richest man in Kaura Namoda and his equally wanton boys. What was his crime?

He nurtures his students with patience and love. And had taught with empty stomach till letters on the chalkboard danced like rampant music notes before his eyes. For all of us like Michael, who have stretched the capacities of our strengths and sensibilities to serve a stifling system? For all the ‘under the sun and in the rain’, what have we gotten as reward?
This notorious man, clenching his cash ridden fists, recruits the help of the police and the shameless Zombies, storm Nasara Academy to crucify Michael like a criminal. He was punched like a sack of millet and stripped of humanity. He was beaten like he stole karats of gold in a jungle market. O God! My fingers are itching, and it’s like they will drip blood. Michael was driven to the Police Station where the real torture awaited him.

They removed what was left of his pride as a man serving his country. Then, they flogged and flogged him, and when their energy sapped out, the evil of a man threw wads of naira notes about, and re-fuelled their animalism. Michael was a heap of sorrow and a container of hot painful tears.

As some of Michael’s colleagues arrived and tried to raise their voices against the escalating reign of heartlessness; the policemen, some apparently drunk, threatened with pointed rifles
slapping and pushing them.

Who will hear this and not cry? How can we move about when our sinews are depleted? Who will walk the long and dusty paths to schools to teach? Who will serve the masters under a sun that burns through skin and fluid? Who will hear this and not cry?

Michael is lying in a police cell, writhing in pain. He has been physically wounded but more serious is the mental injury. But he is not alone. We are all wounded like Michael and our soul is burning from strife.

The brutalisation of Michael in a land where he is vulnerable and hapless will not go without notice. Justice must be done. Corps members must be protected. Our dignity must be restored.
Who will hear this and not cry? We therefore call on:

The state Government
The State Coordinator NYSC
The Emir of Kaura Namoda
The Commissioner of Police

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