Woman at Center of Kevin Hart Sex Extortion Scandal Claims She Didn’t Know He Was Married

The woman who was allegedly filmed in a tryst with Kevin Hart claims that she didn’t know the comedian and actor was married in a new, on-camera interview.

“I did not know he was married,” model Montia Sabbag tells Daily Mail TV during the sit-down, released Monday. “I found out after we already had been together. So I did not know at first.”

Sabbag adds, “The way he was acting didn’t seem like he was married.”

Last week, Sabbag came forward at a press conference, identifying herself as the woman involved with Hart and saying, “I am not an extortionist. I had nothing to do with these recordings.” Her attorney Lisa Bloom said Sabbag was the victim of multiple felonies after being secretly taped in Hart’s Las Vegas hotel room “about a month ago.”


In the new interview with Daily Mail TV, Sabbag reveals that she first met Hart on a private jet to the Nevada city, a trip she was invited on by a friend.

“I wasn’t like starstruck or anything like that,” Sabbag insists, but notes of Hart, “He’s an attractive man.”

Sabbag reveals that after spending time at a nightclub, she and Hart ended up hanging out among a group of friends at the star’s hotel. Of things progressing, Sabbag says, “I feel when two people are attracted to each other or they have you know some kind of attraction toward someone, I feel like you don’t always really talk about what’s going to happen… It just kind of happened naturally.”

The model claims that she and Hart were “intimate” three times over three days, and insists that the tape in question was allegedly filmed during the day while Hart “was sober.”


“Kevin was very public about his affection towards me,” she alleges of the star’s behavior over the weekend in question. “We were hugging, kissing, touching and it made me believe he wasn’t married.”

Asserts Sabbag, “If I had known that Kevin was married this would never have happened.”



Source: People


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