Why You Should Use Orange Concealer Under Your Eyes

Orange is the perfect colour for taking away or neutralizing blue tones under the eye,” explains makeup artist Abraham Sprinkle. “It’s pretty universal, just remember when going into pale skin, lean toward a peach-orange, and with darker skin, a reddish-mango is perfect.


Apply the colour corrector onto your under-eye area, blend out with a damp makeup sponge, then sweep on your go-to concealer as usual. “Depending on the severity of the discoloration, you sometimes have to start very light, then bring it back down, so my preference would be to use an orange concealer slightly lighter than your skin,” Sprinkle says. “Think of it like bleaching hair. You have to lift hair very light to remove pigment, then go over with a darker toner to achieve a natural result. It’s the same concept with skin.” And tatted bridesmaids take note, if the bride isn’t cool with your glorious sleeve, you can temporarily cover it up for the ceremony and photos by layering the orange colour corrector with a concealer or body foundation. “The orange helps to neutralize the green hue tattoo ink tends to have,” Sprinkle adds.

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