What is the Controversial ‘Meet Me at McDonald’s’ Haircut that’s being Banned?

A haircut dubbed the “Meet Me at McDonald’s” has gained popularity at a British school — and the headmaster is not lovin’ it.

As the Independent reports, the Great Yarmouth Charter Academy in Norfolk, England, has issued a ban against several “unacceptable” boys’ hairstyles, including the one named, for reasons unknown, in honor of a well-known fast food joint.

A parent posted a letter from school headmaster Barry Smith, which notified families that students have until Feb. 26 to restyle their hair or risk being sent home or put in isolation.

The list of seven forbidden cuts includes “variations of the style known as ‘Meet Me at McDonald’s,’” described by Metro as featuring shaved sides and a full, poufy top, which is typically curly or even permed.

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Smith also put the kibosh on shaved parting lines, Mohawks and their ilk, “high top” styles, hair teased to great heights, “noticeably longer tops that are not layered in and combined with sharply contrasting sides and back,” and heavy, overgrown bangs that cover the face.

Smith specified that students’ hair should use a minimum of product and have grown-in sides and a trimmed top.

According to the Independent, many parents in Great Yarmouth — which, incidentally, has two McDonald’s locations — are calling the ban “ridiculous.”

Even so, it sounds like the local barbers will be busy. How about one last Big Mac for the road, fellas?


Credit:  Yahoo


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