Update: Kevin Hart Facing At Least 4 Hard Months of Physical Therapy Before Returning to Work

Kevin Hart is facing a long road to recovery after his devastating car wreck, and we are told it will be at least 4 months before the comedian will be able to get back to work making movies.

Sources close to the situation tell us, Hart’s surgeons had to fuse his spine in three different places after it was determined he endured multiple fractures in his back.

The surgery was a success, but the “Jumanji” star is now facing at least 4 months of physical therapy, which we’re told will be very painful and arduous.

We’re told the process will start in the hospital, so Hart can be guided and assisted by medical professionals.

As soon as doctors and physical therapist’s feel like Hart is stable enough to do the PT in an outpatient environment, we’re told he will be released from the hospital.

“It helps that he was physically in such great shape,” one source told us.

The star, who regularly showcases his workouts on social media, is in tip-top physical shape.

Hart and his team are hopeful his fitness will allow him to recover at a quicker pace than the doctors expect.

We’re told Hart’s dedication to his personal health and wellness, including a flawless diet, will help in the process.


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