UNIMAID Lecturer Bemoans Indigenous Culture on the Verge of Extinction

UNIMAID Lecturer Bemoans Indigenous Culture on the Verge of Extinction

A lecturer at the University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID), Dr Babagana Kachallah, has warned that in the nearest future, most of the traditions and cultural values of the people would become extinct.

Speaking with reporters in Maiduguri on Sunday, Kachallah, a research expert with the Centre for Trans-Saharan Studies, University of Maiduguri, noted that the threat of extinction, was enormous.

He specifically lamented the gradual disappearance of most of the Kanuri cultures, especially the ones bordering on traditional dressing and female hairdo, stressing that the development was pathetic.

“Our youth do not have the basic cultural training and cultural orientation, to be seen as potential stake holders in our cultural struggles to build an independent society that depends on its indigenous local resources.

“Today, we hardly see our traditional hairdo in Borno, the ‘Shangalti, the figgeria, kiliyasku, Hajja amne, rob and Mai Ali,’ which were some of the typical traditional attire used by our women.

“Most of our girls and ladies have adopted various hair styles of external origin, thereby giving way for our local hair to disappear.

“Our traditional cosmetics such as Moromoro, grumbal and alaama, have all gone out of use and the women now patronize foreign cosmetics at high rate to sustain their beauty and feminine values,” he lamented.

Kachallah said the emerging scenario of complete dependence on foreign culture in the nearest future, called for urgent action of cultural reorientation of the younger generation. (NAN)

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