Tyler Perry Speaks On His “Bidding War” With Blue Ivy

During a recent stop on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Tyler Perry revealed The Carters’ daughter, Blue Ivy, got into a stiff bidding war over a $20,000 painting. The fierce competition took place at a charity event to support Tina Knowles Lawson and Richard Lawson’s Waco Theater where he spotted the painting that mesmerized him.

“I was really, really excited to be there and there was this art that came out for auction,” Perry said. “It’s this beautiful painting of Sidney Poitier and I’m like, ‘I’ve got to have that.’”

But to his surprise, as he was raising his bidding paddle he glanced over and saw that the 6-year-old wasn’t backing down. “She keeps going up and up and up with [the paddle],” Perry explained to Jimmy Kimmel, adding that he wanted to teach Blue a valuable lesson about moderation, he comically said of Beyonce and JAY-Z’s child.

The two reportedly battled for the painting until the $20,000 mark when JAY-Z took the paddle away from Blue’s hands. Still, she didn’t go home empty-handed. Reportedly, she received a “36′ by 36′ art piece made out of dismantled law and medical books,” which costs a hefty $10,000, Essence reports.

Perry was definitely determined to get the painting and share some good wisdom with the precocious child. “But for me, I’m thinking it’s charity, it’s a good cause and I’m not letting this kid take this painting from me,” he said. “I’m gonna teach you now little girl! You’re not gonna get everything you want!’”


Source:  Vibe


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