This Is How You Wear Tropical Prints

This Is How You Wear Tropical Prints


When you think of tropical print, unfortuantely the first thing that comes to mind is a Hawaiian shirt.
The uniform of a tourist in paradise, the bright and often tacky article of clothing is paired with khaki shorts and sometimes even a fanny pack. While we admire those who want to reflect their vacation state-of-mind through their wardrobe, tropical prints do not have to make you look like a tourist.


We got the looks to help you pull off a tropical print. Whether you want to rock a tropical heel or even a tropical print short with flamingos, it’s about the way you accessorize your outfit that will make or break your very floral-heavy ensemble.
So when it comes to tropical print, don’t be afraid to go for the brightest and boldest pattern. Just be sure to avoid too many pieces with tropical print, or pairing with a flip flop. Find the balance.


Check out the gallery below for ways to rock a tropical print away from the beach:


tropical wear-acadaextra
Formal tropical wear


LOOK 2 - tropical wear-acadaextra
Casual day at work


LOOK 3 - tropical wear-acadaextra
weekend outing with the girls


tropical wear-acadaextra
Dinner date


tropical dress-acadaextra
Tropical dress






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