There’s a new pimped up friendship bracelet that will change your world

There’s a new pimped up friendship bracelet that will change your world


It has snazzy light sequences, secret notifications and everything


Forget what the ’90s child in you knows about friendship bracelets – these PDA pieces of jewellery have had a 2015 makeover and they are smarter than ever.

Now, instead of just being a symbol of affection for your BFF, you can be notified when your friend is near and even play matching light sequences when you high-five each other.




The Smart Friendship Bracelet by Gemio can be customised uniquely to your style – from the gems you adorn it with to the light sequences you program it to play. Plus, the bracelets have in-built colour sensors so if you ever want to change its look, you can point at colours around you to change the colour of your bracelet.


You can also change how your bracelet looks and behaves according to who you are with and what you are doing. Special light features include:

• You can teach your bracelet who your friends are and have it play specific light “tones” (like a ringtone in light) when you get together. If you’re with a group of friends your bracelets can play a matching pattern on all your bracelets!
Or, use it to create secret messages for true BFF stealth communication.

• Your bracelet is responsive and understands gestures. Twist your wrist and have it sparkle.
Great for pimping up flipping the bird.



• Notifications: your bracelet can let you know when your friends are nearby or when they are trying to reach you.
Or, you can teach your bracelet to notify you when people you really don’t like are nearby, so you can avoid them easily. Only catch is that they have to have a bracelet, too…

• Stealth mode: If you’d rather be notified quietly, you can design your bracelet to communicate with vibrations instead of light.

Great for friends who are actually not your friends.

This is a very good one, tech/style…


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