The Rise and Rise of a Corporate Titan Alex Okosi

The Rise and Rise of a Corporate Titan Alex Okosi

Alex Okosi an epitome of promising gifted and very ambitious young Nigerian who currently sits as the Executive Vice President and Managing Director for the African Multimedia entertainment network of Viacom International Media Network (VIMN).

He’s saddled with the task of building new revenue stream for the African business which is the biggest international network on the continent.

Alex, who is one of the new faces of corporate Africa’s global sophisticated, savvy and very driven personality was formerly the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Viacom, credited with leading the growth and expansion of the multimedia entertainment network in Africa, as the driving force behind the growth of the MTV brand in Africa since 2005; Heading MTV Base Africa, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon for Africa, VHI Classic and BET International.

Alex joined Viacom in 1998 as part of the Trade Marketing team in New York, prior to joining MTV Networks affiliate Sales and Marketing division in Los Angeles in 2000. By mid-2003, he was transferred to MTV Networks International’s Strategy and Business Development team in London where he created the business plan that led to Viacom’s expansion into Africa.

In order to pursue the business plan he developed for VIMN’s Africa market to fruition, he took a leave of absence from his then M.B.A. programme at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), put together a Pan-African team and successfully launched the channel.

Alex created a model for generating quality video content in Africa, set up a team of talent and music representatives in key African markets that trained local video producers to create high quality videos. He also brokered a partnership with Shell to execute a “Making The Video” workshop campaign that involved established international directors participating in skills exchange workshop with emerging, African video directors across key countries. As part of the campaign, participating African artists were rewarded with quality video productions that highlighted their musical virtuosity and skill.


To ensure commercial sustainability, Okosi’s team established a two-pronged advertising model that included pan-African/country-specific advertising and sponsorships that leverage the pay-TV and terrestrial windows. Their 360 degree campaigns provided avenues for advertisers to reinforce their messages to consumers and create a deeper connection with target populations via world-class event experiences. As a result, MTV base has enjoyed a degree of commercial success that has attracted countless local and international brands.

He was a driving force in the launching of the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) which has served as a vehicle for raising the profiles and earning ability of African artistes. The MAMA celebrates contemporary African music and artists from around the world. This has in no small way given African acts featured on the MTV’s global network, international exposure graduating from local celebrity to playing on several international stages.

As an activist, Alex champions pro-social campaigns to benefit the lives of young Africans through Shuga, a groundbreaking 360 degree mass media campaign for young people that merges sexual health messaging, including HIV prevention, with popular culture, and gripping story lines.

Alex is undoubtedly a corporate titan that is not just on a mission in Africa to develop entertaining contents, showcasing best of African music and entertainment but also serves to socially empower audiences in Africa and around the world









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