The best lingerie for your body shape

All your bra and underwear woes, sorted.

Shopping for lingerie is tough enough at the best of times, let alone when you have a body shape that doesn’t exactly match the ridiculously perfect mannequins.

If you’re apple, pear, banana or hourglass-shaped, you might despair that you’ll never find the perfect lingerie set to suit you – or that there are styles that you simply can’t get away with.

But fear not, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This little guide from Sparkling Strawberry tells you exactly which bras and knickers you need to be buying to flatter your shape – and suspenders aren’t ever off the menu. So scroll down to find out what you should be shopping for.

Apple body shape

For apply body shapes, bodysuits with deep V-necks are the ideal solution. If these aren’t up your street, V-cut knickers are another option, as they lengthen the gap between the bottom of your bra to the beginning of your knickers.
Pear body shape

For pear body shapes, try wearing bandeau bras – they will help widen your upper torso, meaning the difference between your upper and lower body will seem less distinct.

Banana body shape

Banana body types should go for longline bras or bralettes – these are longer at the waist, extending one or two inches further down the waist than other bra types. The extra material is not only attractive, but helps to fill out your shape without using a padded bra.

Hourglass body shape

Meanwhile, hourglass figures can add a bit of sexiness to their outfit with a suspender belt that matches their underwear set. This will keep attention on the tiny waist, creating a classically sexy style.




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