Summer 2017 makeup trends: Ombré Lips make a comeback

Trends are cyclical. Which means in one’s lifetime, one gets to see a trend make a comeback, sometimes more than once. Now it’s the turn of ombré lips, which were popular a few years ago and are coming back with a vengeance this season. Unlike in the past, though, this year the trend has adopted more natural, nude hues, so that it’ll almost look like you’re not wearing any lip makeup at all.


To create this effect, you only need a lipstick, which you’ll apply and then blend with a brush or by tapping on it with your fingers: you need to shade it so that your lips will look fuller and sexy. To create a gradation, you can either have a darker shade on the outside, getting lighter towards the center, or vice versa a darker shade at the center of your mouth getting lighter towards the edge of your lips. The finish can be matte or glossy, depending on your personal taste and the rest of your look, but it’s important that the blending works well with the shade of lipstick you’re using.


So let’s talk color: even though red lipsticks are a staple for all seasons, nude and bright colors are king this summer and have popularized the Korean stain trend. This consists of a technique (originating, indeed, from Korea) in which only the center of the mouth is colored in strawberry or cherry red, while the remaining part of the lips is either left uncolored or is made lighter with foundation. The final effect looks like watercolor or what you might end up with if you bit into a juicy red fruit.


This summer is looking like experimenting will be the key word in terms of makeup, and this fun new trend (which is also quite classy) is perfect for the beach, too. If you’re looking to be a kisser this summer (whether your kisses taste like sea salt or not), it’s time to be daring!


Credit: the blonde


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