Success Story of YALI Startup & Networking Event in Asaba, Delta State

Success Story of YALI Startup & Networking Event in Asaba, Delta State

The Success story of YALI Startup & Networking Event in Asaba Delta held at Inspiration Garden on 17th December, 2016.

Good day, my people, my people! I know many of you must have been itching to hear my Asaba experience. Many thanks to all of you that made your last minute contributions within the short notice, I called for them…

As expected, my presentation at the YALI Startup and Networking Event was awesome, many thanks to God, who has always been there for me Our speakers were all on point.

The truth is that it’s been God all the way since I started my public speaking career. I cannot even explain why God is doing all these in my life. Where ever I go to speak, people’s lives are changed; they get empowered just by listening to me; they celebrate and honour me as a King. In fact, I can’t really explain what God wants to achieve through me and this special gift. May his name alone be praised in Jesus name!

The Asaba event was an opportunity for me to meet other young entrepreneurs and professionals. I was delighted to have one of our speakers Blessing Agho, a Fellow of YALI West Africa, who is a proud farmer and the CEO of Earth Tab, she spoke on importance of Agro Business to an average youth. According to her, she studied Computer Science but decided to pursue her passion in crop production in order to contribute to food security needs of the country. After listening to me, Blessing confessed that, in all the seminars and workshops she has attended, no speaker has ever made an impact in her life, the way Hon. Remy Chukwunyere did during his presentation.

Hon. Remy Chukwunyere was one of the speakers who works as the Director General, Directorate For Employment and Job Centre in Imo State. He is an entrepreneurship coach and trainer who spoke on the 10 Start up Businesses to as a youth.

I was glad to meet another youth (Prince Cohort 5) who developed a generator that is fed from biogas. He is also a Fellow of YALI West Africa and has turned his passion into a great business opportunity, generating power from wastes after converting them into biogas. What an amazing technology that he adopted when the YALI team visited the Songhai Farm in Cotonou on an excursion.

The CEO of Skol Consulting, Hon. Shoal Olumola’s experience over the years advocating for the participation of Nigerian youths at the UN General Assembly calls for immediate attention by the relevant federal government agencies. Okonkwo Collins is another mind blowing speaker from the Delta North Senatorial District, Nigerian Youth Council who also spoke about youth participation in Nation Building.

The lawyer turned “Word Poet”, Ikhuenbor Vikram Osarumen was also there and his thrilling performance left no one in doubt that word poetry is the next big thing and that it is better to pursue passion above profession.

It was an awesome gathering of young professionals, who joined me in provoking Asaba youths into action. In my remarks at the event, my humbly self Ambassador Daniel Nwodi, a fellow of YALI West Africa and the CEO of Students Without Borders said that he put the event together in order to increase awareness about the opportunities available for young people in any of the YALI’s programs, whether in the Mandela Washington in USA or at the regional center in West Africa.


Also speaking, the event host, Mrs. Edith Uche Aganoke, the Executive Director of the Global Inspiration Foundation, UK said that the event was an opportunity she has been craving for and thanked both speakers and participants for honoring her invitation. She remarked that the YALI Startup Event was just the beginning of the many programs, her UK based organization will implement for the benefits of youths and children of Delta State.

It is a huge success in Asaba, Delta state and we plan to do more in the area of youth development in Delta State.

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