Stylish Ways To Wear your Tracksuit Now

Stylish Ways To Wear your Tracksuit Now


THERE was once a time when tracksuit trousers were the preserve of middle-aged football coaches or teenagers snobbishly branded “chavs”. Ten years ago it would have been considered a bit rough to wear Reebok trainers, let alone a pair of trackies, without being nicknamed Waynetta (after the Harry Enfield and Chums caricature) or Vicky Pollard, the Kappa-loving Little Britain star. God forbid you would have worn your sportswear with jewellery… Oh, how times have changed.

tracksuit- pant
Stylish ways to wear your tracks


Rihanna pink velvet tracksuit



The tracksuit and track trouser has now been overhauled by catwalk powerhouses Chloe, Gucci and Bottega Veneta and made very chic. We would now actively encourage you to wear hoop earrings (or Céline’s chunky gold choker) with your drawstring Louis Vuitton trousers and cropped leather bomber jacket. The idea of dressing up track pants isn’t anything new – there’s been a increasing number of editors wearing their Adidas trousers with heels, chunky cashmere knits and the occasional sharp blazer over the past few seasons – but think of the new high fashion offerings as an official endorsement of the look.


tracksuit-pant-with a pump shoe
Tracksuit pant accessorise with black pump shoe


Blake Lively tracksuit and heels


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