Study of Law remains unaccredited in NOUN…Court

Study of Law remains unaccredited in NOUN…Court

By Olaide Osayemi

The law graduates of NOUN (National Open University of Nigerian) sued the Council of Legal Education with four other law practitioners to court over their denial of admission into the Nigerian Law School.

After so much wait on the court judgement,  the federal high court decided to support the law of the of the Council of Legal Education which states that “for anyone to get admitted into the Nigerian law school,  he or she must undergo a full time study and not a part time or some sort of online study”.

The court judgement was delivered yesterday 4th of September at the Federal High Court in Port-harcourt by Hon. Justice Hilary Oshomah.

According to Mr Adeyemi, a legal practitioner, he said this has rendered the NOUN law graduates’ certificate useless.

“They have been unproductive and hasn’t been able to add their quota to law practise, they can’t go to court and can’t Frank (prepare and attest) documents, that it has been prepared by a legal practitioner”.

Their denial of admission into law school has prevented them from practicing legally as law practitioners. Although they can secure jobs in other organizations and hold whatever post but they can’t practice law. Mr Adeyemi said.

The law practitioner further stated that some universities were once running part time study in law but they had to put a stop to the it and fully embrace full time study so as not to go against the objectives of the Council of Legal Education. How much more NOUN which render not only part time  but online study.

He explained that he doesn’t really embrace the idea of studying law in NOUN because when he was a law undergraduate, they had the opportunity of dressing in black and white to class which is the official dress code for lawyers, they also get to have an interactive class where they even get exposed to the practical aspect of their study, like they are in the court room which NOUN students have no access to.

Finally he advised that the NOUN students should appeal the case or else they may never be able to practice the profession they so much love.


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