Obi Cubana Unveils “Hammer Games” To Revolutionise Africa Gaming Experience

This innovative platform not only celebrates Nigerian and African culture but also stands out with its highly interactive mobile and web-based experience.

“Hammer Games” is dedicated to providing a distinctive and authentic African gaming experience, setting itself apart with

Obi Cubana explained further; “Beyond its interactive features, the ability for users to instantly withdraw their rewards after winning sets ‘Hammer Games’ apart.

“The platform is committed to delivering an engaging and rewarding experience deeply rooted in the adventurous spirit of Africa.

“Ensuring a secure gaming environment, ‘Hammer Games’ prioritizes security and regulatory compliance with CAC registration, trademark, anti-money laundering compliance, and approval from the Nigerian Lottery Commission.”

Launching with three sub-games — Odogwu Hunter, Hammer Spin, and Hammer Jackpot— ‘Hammer Games’ offers a diverse gaming experience.

Odogwu Hunter, an adventure game embodying the African spirit, demands skill and strategy for victory.

Hammer Spin provides a spin-and-win adventure, while Hammer Jackpot features daily and weekly draws with substantial prizes.

Obi Cubana’s venture into online gaming seamlessly merges hospitality and technology, creating a unique fusion of entertainment and community-building.

Cubana emphasized, “Hospitality is all about creating memorable moments, and Hammer Games is a gateway to build on that.”

Beyond gaming, Hammer Games distinguishes itself by pledging to community development.

The platform opens its APIs to developers, providing grants and funding opportunities to support African game developers.

Players achieving milestones receive awards and physical gifts, contributing to community and human capital development.

In anticipation of its launch, the Odogwu Hunter Avatar has been unveiled on Hammer Games’ social media platforms.

The imminent arrival of Hammer Games heralds a new era in gaming, seamlessly blending technology, culture, and entertainment, enriching the gaming community in Nigeria and beyond.

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