“My Parents Are Excited but Also Pleasantly Confused”: Young Man Who Bagged Harvard and Oxford Scholarships

Destiny Ogedegbe, a young man, has taken to social media to celebrate receiving scholarships into Harvard University and Oxford University.

The Nigerian in a series of tweets revealed that the two prestigious institutions happened to be the only two schools he ever put in for graduate studies.

“These are the only two schools I have ever applied to for graduate studies and I got into both. They both did the right thing, I suspect, because this story is already written in the stars —this is merely the mortal manifestation of God’s ideal. I have no other explanation,” he wrote.

Destiny shares his parents’ reactions to the feat

On his parents’ reactions to his academic feat, Destiny said tiwas a case of mixed feelings. He said they were excited and also pleasantly confused and this is due to their humble background.He wrote.

“My parents are excited, but also pleasantly confused. This is beyond them. Because from where we come, folks don’t wake up and dream of Harvard or Oxford. Now, my mum describes me in our dialect as “the child who was born with gold in his hands”. Everyone is happy about it.”

He appreciated his sponsors, mentors and friends for being a great support system.

“I have amazing sponsors, mentors and friends around me. I love and appreciate them all. Can I forget how immensely supportive they have been to me? Certainly not, not in this lifetime of promise and pleasant surprises.”

Destiny is now enrolled for Harvard Law School LLM Programme as his pick was Harvard University.



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