M.A.C. Teams Up With Disney for Aladdin Makeup Collection

There’s just one month to go until a CGI, blue-colored Will Smith genie hits theaters in Disney’s live-action Aladdin, which leaves only three weeks before the Disney Aladdin Collection by M.A.C. drops on May 16. Now that we’re only one jump away from the release date, more details about the collab are leaking — and yes, the previews do look magical.

We originally predicted that the range would include only three products and we’ve never been happier to be wrong. Judging by photos of the products seen on Trendmood, we’re actually getting a nine-pan eye shadow palette, four lipsticks, three Lipglasses (that’s M.A.C.-speak for lip gloss), and individual highlighter and bronzer compacts.

The lipsticks come in a range of deep purples named after favorite moments from the film like Whole New World, Princess Incognito, Rajah, and Friend Like Me. Glossy Lipglass comes in three subtly pigmented shimmer shades: Magic Carpet Ride, Diamond In The Ruff, and Jewels On Jewels.

There’s also a variety of pressed powders: one highlighter, one bronzer, and, as we previously reported, a shadow palette with nine regal shades of purple and gold. Head over to Trendmood to see swatches on two different skin tones.


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