Kylie Jenner is the Youngest Person on the Forbes 100

The reality star is among the Forbes 100 list and also the Youngest…

When you imagine the metric for celebrity wealth, chances are that you think of Forbes and its annual power lists. And this year’s Forbes Celebrity 100 list is a smorgasbord of not just the entertainment world’s most high-profile faces, but high-earning ones. One face in particular stands out: 19-year-old Kylie Jenner, the youngest person on the list.

While the Forbes cover brought out some Bella Hadid drama, the list was nothing but good news for Kylie, who placed 59 on the list with $41 million of earnings. The world knew the youngest Kardashian-Jenner was raking in the dough with that ever-expanding beauty line, endorsements, games and apps, clothing lines, and of course that long-running reality TV show, but even still, the figure is pretty staggering.

Kylie, of course, was totally chill about the attention: “wow woke up the youngest entry on the @Forbes 100 list .. ????”

Kylie wasn’t the only member of her family on the list; older sister Kim came in at #47, with $45.5 million, making the two almost neck-and-neck. But they’re still small change compared to the top earners. Coming in at #1 is the immortal Diddy, who earned $130 million last year. And at #2 is none other than Queen Bey, with earnings of $105 million. Bow down.

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