Kwara State First Lady  Offers To Help Risikat, Blue-Eyed Mom And Daughters

Wife of Kwara State Governor, Olufolake Abdulrazaq, has offered to assist Risikat Azeez, a woman who was abandoned by her husband over her blue eyes and that of her daughters.

MDB reported about Azeez who narrated how her husband abandoned her when she gave birth to two kids with the same set of blue eyeballs as hers.

The mother of two in an interview with The Punch said;

I was born with these eyes and I also gave birth to my children with same pair of eyes. Since I was born, I have never had any challenge with my eyes. I have never been to the hospital due to any discomfort. I thank God. No one had this set of eyes before me in my family; both from my mother and father’s side. I’m the first to have this kind of eyes. And when I started bearing children, they also have it and I did not regret that I have this set of eyes with my children.

She added; As a young girl, I was later taken to the hospital for medical examination and came back home with lots of gifts because the doctors liked my eyes. They also said there was nothing wrong with it.

The story about the family went viral across various social media  platforms, which drew the attention of Kwara state First Lady , Olufolake Abdulrazaq, who then expressed willingness to help Azeez and her kids.

“The First Lady of Kwara State has been in touch with the family through the @Ajike_Centre. We’re also doing everything to support Mrs. Risikat and her children and possibly unite the wife and the children with her husband.”


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