Kelly’s Girlfriend Joycelyn Savage Says Patreon Account That Claimed Singer Abused Her Is Fake

Kelly‘s girlfriend Joycelyn Savagesays the abuse claims revealed on a Patreon Account — initially believed to be created by her — are completely untrue.

Savage, 24, set the record straight in a video to TMZ on Wednesday, saying, “Please do not believe what you see and hear on social media. That is not my Instagram. Someone is impersonating me.”

“I just want everyone to know we still support him and we would never betray him. Me and Azriel will forever love him,” Savage said of Kelly’s other girlfriend Azriel Clary.

“I’m not even that kind of girl that would do something like that and betray him. I’ve been through so much with him and we have a bond that is so special that no one ever can break,” Savage said, fighting back tears.

“I would never in a million years hurt him like this. I would never do this. It’s just really really sad that somebody would pretend to be me and put it out in the world and say that I’m a victim, that I am brainwashed, I’m a sex slave — it doesn’t get worse than that,” Savage continued.

Savage went on to deny the additional claim that she has Stockholm syndrome.

“I’m just really heartbroken for all of this that’s going on. Me and Azriel still go to the court dates. We still support him, we still see him. I just want him to come home in peace,” Savage added.

Savage made headlines last week after a post on her Instagram page directed followers to Patreon where she claimed she would reveal new “chapters” about her life with Kelly, 52

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