Inspired to Switch things up? Checkout Some new Makeup Inspirations You can try.

Bored of your make-up bag? These envelope-pushing artists find inspiration for their breathtaking red carpet looks in everything from interiors to food.

Despite social media offering a virtual Library of Alexandria-worth of beauty inspiration, many of us still get stuck in a rut when it comes to make-up. We often see the same references time and again – effortless Parisian chic, an Amalfi Coast summer or ‘90s nostalgia, to name three.


These looks are iconic for a reason. But if you’d like to push the envelope a little more, look no further than British-born make-up artist Jo Baker. Based in Los Angeles, she paints the faces of Hollywood’s finest, and shares her unusual inspirations via Instagram. For example: the smoky eye and glossy pink for a TV appearance for Allison Williams? Inspired by burnt toast and glazed ham, of course. A futuristic graphic eye for Lucy Boynton was informed by holographic wrapping twine, a nude-on-nude look for Julianne Hough was inspired by plasters, while another pastel eye took its cues from an old-fashioned trifle.

“I come from an art background, and I grew up in London, so a lot of what I do comes from my love of tone, texture, medium, history, people, food, culture, fashion, weather… it’s never-ending,” explained Baker. “I try and catalogue things I see and remember, and what mood they evoke. Gravy brown says home, comfort, pleasing, safe and familiar, for example, so choosing that shade and texture makes people undeniably feel at ease. It’s strange but true.”

Inspired to switch things up? Heed Baker’s words: “If your eyes are open and you are utterly present in life, you’ll see the beauty in all the daily, dirty, shocking, clean, pretty, disturbing and utterly magical things you see.”



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