How to make your own turmeric face mask..

How to make your own turmeric face mask you will LOVE your skin

I love experimenting and greatly enjoy mixing potions and dabbling about with concoctions of herbs and oils. But I am also a minimalist, always on the lookout for those magical single ingredients that do everything. The silver bullets of the natural beauty world.


I have found a few honey, coconut oil, tea tree oil. There is very little you can’t achieve with these.
Another silver bullet ingredient I have learned about lately is turmeric. It is pretty much impossible to move amongst natural beauty evangelists online without tripping over page after page of fangirling about turmeric.
It detoxes the liver, acts as an anti-inflammatory, can beat a cold and smooth out rough and red skin. It is the skin factor that I am really interested in.

The experiment
Turmeric is a spice we often have on our kitchen shelves in powered form. In root form it looks a bit like ginger. Turmeric has is yellow due to its curcumin, the very thing that makes it so powerful.

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The claims are that applied topically, turmeric can cure acne and eczema, heal roseacea and send blackheads and wrinkles on their way.

I make up a face scrub and mask, rubbing it thickly into my skin and leaving for 20 minutes.

Here are the ingredient you will need to make your turmeric mask

The recipe

For each face mask I use:

1 table spoon of turmeric

½ table spoon of yoghurt

½ table spoon of sugar




The experience

Everything is satisfying about this- it mixes up into an incredible bright gold paste and is spread all over my skin in the most pleasing manner. It dries like a shop-bought face pack too.

The results

I have been very neglectful of my skin lately, it’s just been the very last thing on my mind. I feel like it shows in my “before” picture. I have patches and bumps and blackheads and just generally look a bit dull.
As I am wiping my skin off I can feel a change in my skin. It feels smooth and moisturised.
Sure enough, my face has a lovely, albeit a bit golden, glow.


Turmeric = another silver bullet, that is actually gold, to be found in your kitchen cupboards! Just definitely don’t save this one ’till the morning of your wedding day, unless you are after the emoji look.



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