How To Look Younger: 65-Year-Old Man Looking 40 Shares The Drink He ‘Would Never Have’

A 65-year-old who looks 40 exclusively shared with his game-changing tips for those who also want to achieve a youthful look.

Wayne Leal is a 65-year-old but most people “assume my eldest son is my brother” and they always think he is in his “early 40s” when they first meet him. What is his secret to looking younger? In terms of diet, Wayne revealed that “three months of intermittent fasting” worked for him and strongly advised people to do the same.

“There’s no nutrition plan, restrictions or dieting stress. It will teach you how to self-discipline your food intake,” he explained.

The food and drinks people consume can greatly impact the way they look and some should be avoided at all costs.

Wayne urged people to stay away from “most energy drinks” and revealed that these are beverages he “would never have”.

“I tend to steer clear of these,” he said and in terms of food, “hot dogs and certain high street fast food restaurants” should also be avoided.

“When you read the list of things that go into some of their food it sounds more like scientific paper than a recipe,” he opined.

Talking about his daily routine, the 65-year-old shared an unusual hack he follows every morning to look younger: “I brush my teeth with my back to the wall.

“It reminds me to stand tall with a positive attitude towards life and myself. Posture is the biggest age giveaway.”

Exercising regularly can massively help people achieve a younger look and Wayne recommended doing “squats every day” and said it is “a great way to build strength and power”.

“It helps you burn more calories, avoid injuries, strengthen your core, improve your balance, and straighten your back,” he added.

Wayne just published his new book “Meta-Age” where he reveals “how to extend a healthy, active middle age and shorten old age”.

The age-defying health guru has been dubbed a “super-ager” who “could easily pass for a man half his age”.

In his book, Wayne attributes his youthful appearance to lifestyle, diet, exercise, dress and maintaining intergenerational friendships.

A few years ago Wayne challenged himself to do yoga every day for 20 minutes over 21 days, which he claimed is highly beneficial for a healthier and longer life.

He now works as a coach and senior yoga instructor and explained that exercise is “crucial” and that people who want to look younger need to re-evaluate their mentality for a fresh approach to a different life stage.

Wayne added: “My book contains life-long lessons that everyone can use – improved confidence and resilience, diet, and self-image, and how to live with chronic pain.

“It’s not complicated – I have six core exercises daily for discipline, body strength, mobility and balance. Keep it simple and take your time – it is in your hands!

“We cannot stop the natural intrinsic ageing process but by taking some preventive actions we can influence some factors of that process.

“At various life stages, we all need a sense of purpose. In my younger life, mine was survival. At 14, I was the victim of a brutal racist attack.

“I was kicked like a football and hospitalised unconscious for several hours with a fractured skull. By 35, I was bust, divorced, and enduring extreme financial woes. By 42, I had recovered and won a Businessman of the Year award. If life were a game of Bingo, I would shout ‘House’.

“One of the things I hear when people talk about training is they haven’t got enough time. Yet great leaders are required to juggle responsibilities, and they somehow make time to train. There are no excuses. I defy my years by remaining relevant because there is no expiry date on learning,” he explained.





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