How to Deal With Frizzy, Puffy Hair

We all want shiny, voluminous hair that’s full of body — but anyone whose hair has ever mushroomed out into shrub territory knows there’s a huge difference between volume and frizz. Before you rush to grab all the hair oil in the world in an attempt to keep it in check, first you have to figure out why your hair’s so damn puffy.

Humidity is a huge factor for frizz,” says hairstylist and co-founder of IGK Hair care, Leo Izquierdo. “The type of hair you have can also make you more prone to frizz.” Izquierdo cites curly or thick hair as the most likely to puff up and mentions that humidity isn’t exclusive to summertime — dry, frizz-prone hair is more porous, so it sucks up the moisture in the air causing the shaft to swell; it’s liable to go haywire any time it’s damp out.

But humidity isn’t the only culprit. Breakage can also cause frizz thanks to a damaged cuticle, which lies flat in healthy hair. There’s good news, though. You don’t have to spend your entire pay-check on a keratin treatment for sleek hair.



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