Funmi Iyanda investigates How Nigerian Universities are Letting Students Down in this Episode of “Public Eye”

Whether it’s polytechnics, colleges of education, or universities, Nigeria’s public higher education spots have been struggling with poor facilities for a while now. The lack of money and attention has left students stuck in not-so-great conditions with old and not-so-clean facilities. Having a comfy place to stay is a big deal for students; it helps them learn better. You’d think that having more universities in Nigeria would be awesome news, right? It should mean more options and better education. But strangely, even though more universities are popping up, the quality seems to be going down.

Funmi Iyanda in this episode of her weekly show, “Public Eye” dives into the state of Nigerian universities and how it’s impacting students all across the country.


Credit: Bellanaija



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