Former Minister condemns global negative media on Nigeria’s President

Former Minister condemns global negative media on Nigeria’s President

 A Nigerian former Minister for Education and a leading private sector entrepreneur Olorogo Kenneth Gbagi has condemned the stories and social media circulations of the death of Nigeria’s President Buhari in the United Kingdom, saying it is “unthinkable, worrisome and unacceptable” for any decent person to be praying or circulating such news about the death of Mr. President”. “The repetition of the circulation and extended twisted news online demonstrated how far people can go for power”.

He said at this time of Nigeria’s history, challenges and opportunities, rather than praying such, people and the nation should make it a point of prayer for the nation’s development and Mr President’s good health to guide and do the right things Nigerians seek.

“At this moment of time Nigeria need peaceful and harmonious prayers from all religious gathering, political grouping devoid of any violence or threat to our democratic dispensation and it is unacceptable”, the former minister said on Thursday in London. He urged the Nigerian people to exercise more patience and verify stories before accepting them or sharing and advised the media owners, to remember the ethics of the profession and to verify all reports before they publish.

It will be recalled that the story of Mr. President Buhari appeared online from a website adopting a brand and well-known media company title in the United Kingdom that he is dead.

Also the Nigeria Leadership Forum (NLF) a think-tank on Nigeria and Africa’s affairs berated those behind the stories and condemned it. Speaking on the issue, Dr. Yomiade said: “it is a sad situation that Nigerians are taken for ride by unscrupulous media platform”.

He said the forum was pleased with responses from Nigeria and wish all Nigerians to unite in fighting falsehood and strengthening religious tolerance as well as living together in unity. He reiterated that there is no doubt there are so many rumours and false news being peddled around about Nigeria by people, organisations and groups who don’t wish the country or it’s people well.

“We cannot avoid getting some of these fakes news but plead with all Nigerians to exercise some discretion in their dissemination. Let’s remember that even younger people in high places have fallen ill. We should let Mr. President enjoy his holiday and reserve any comments until at least after his 10 days holiday”, he added


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