Flee Once A Man Starts Calling Himself ‘Alpha Male’ – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo Advises Ladies

Popular pastor and relationship coach, Kingsley Okonkwo, has urged women to steer clear of men who boast about being alpha males.

In his view, such individuals are typically toxic, narcissistic, and insecure.

Speaking on the X app, he said that genuine alpha males do not feel the need to flaunt their status or dominate women; instead, they embody traits of gentleness and respect.

Okonkwo emphasized the importance of women feeling safe and protected in the presence of “these men, rather than experiencing fear, oppression, or gaslighting.”

He tweeted: “Once a man keeps describing himself as an “alpha male” sister just run That’s one of the biggest signs of toxicity, narcissism, and insecurity all mixed up in one Real alpha males don’t brag, they don’t seek to dominate women instead they have learnt control and courtesy, they are perfect gentlemen They have learnt that their strength is not to bully but to build, women feel safe and protected around them not scared, oppressed and gaslighted.”





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