Finnish Electric Motorcycle Debuts with Revolutionary Hubless Wheel

Finnish motorcycle startup RMK is now taking orders for an electric motorcycle that features a revolutionary wheel design.

The E2 is driven by a rear rim-mounted motor with a hubless design that looks like it was borrowed from Tron’s Lightcycle. Feeding off three power cables, the design reduces rotational mass while delivering 67 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque.


It also works as a regenerative brake that can help recharge the battery, which is available in ranges from 124-186 miles per charge. It’s activated by the left handlebar lever, since there are not gears or clutch, while the right one activates a conventional twin-disc brake on the front wheel.

The long-wheelbase bike is dressed in sparse, modern bodywork and has a digital instrument cluster with built-in navigation mounted on top of what looks like a tank, but is really just a cover for the battery mounted where an engine is usually found.


According to Motorcyclist, the final price hasn’t been set but is targeted at 24,900 euros, which is around $28,000, which is a little less than Harley-Davidson is charging for its upcoming LiveWire electric sport bike.

Unlike the electric hog, U.S. availability hasn’t been confirmed for the E2, but if you live in Europe you can get in line for one with a 2,000 euro deposit now.

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