Ekiti State Varsity VC Narrates how Female Students Attempt to Seduce Him

Ekiti State Varsity VC Narrates how Female Students Attempt to Seduce Him

The Vice Chancellor of Ekiti State University, EKSU, Prof. Smauel Oye Bamidele has narrated how he has been victorious over several temptations from the opposite sex especially students while stating measures in place for lecturers who fail to control the direction of their manhood.

He made this known in an interview with TheNation, where he explained that, like any lecturer, he has been sexually harassed by female students.

He said, “Some students will come with the intention to tempt you, trying to make eye contacts, and I will say, what are you trying to do? For you to be able to overcome temptation, you must resist it.

I want to say that every human being is tempted at one point or the other. And maybe I should say it today, the power of being a Christian is that God will give you the ability, the unusual supernatural power to be able to overcome temptation without falling into it.

There is a difference between temptation and falling into temptation. For example, we are all men here and that makes it good. Supposing a woman is here now, the atmosphere will not be the same.

I will not say I have not been tempted in the sense that maybe an amorous person comes in, wanting to show a quarter of her breast. I will say, ‘Excuse me, go out and dress properly. As a lecturer, you can’t come into my office like that.’

Bamidele-EKSU VC

When asked what measures his administration is putting in place to prevent cases of sexual harassment of female students by their male lecturers, he said, “We are trying to put some things in place that will checkmate some lecturers that cannot keep their libido, and to that extent, we are going to go through management and then the Senate to fashion out some strategies to protect our female students from sexual harassment. That one is being planned, I may not feel out everything now.”

He explained that new regulations will be put in place to checkmate issues of sexual harassment in terms of students’ mode of dressing.

Female students can harass male students by their amorous outlook. We want to checkmate those things and for the staff, admin, teaching and non-teaching, we are going to have some codes that will create a level of restriction as to how they can harass female students,” he added.

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