Did Drake Intentionally Shade Singer Over ‘Starboy’ Name?

Drake was recorded on stage referring to The Weeknd as the real starboy, leaving fans of Wizkid a little bothered about that utterance.

 Drake called fellow Canadian singer The Weeknd ”The Real Starboy” on stage, where Wizkid was apparently present.

This has not gone down well with Wizkid fans who perceive a strange brewing beef between Wizkid and Drake.

They argue that Drake cannot deny that he doesn’t know Wizkid refers to himself and has been widely called Starboy, and are wondering why Drake would choose to be insensitive about the name.

You would recall that the name ‘Starboy’ which The Weeknd named as a song title and has since been affiliated with that name didn’t go down well with Wizkid in an earlier tweet he made, but maturely cast it aside as nothing saying “We are all Starboys”.

A popular social media personality and renowned UK music video director Oyemykke spoke passionately about the Drake action, calling him out in a video made available by Factory78 TV, as well as the brief footage of Drake shouting out The Weeknd, and in what seemed like Wizkid was right there on the stage as well.


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