CONSIDER Before you walk down the aisle

CONSIDER Before you walk down the aisle

By Uche Okonkwo

The process of walking down the aisle or marriage is defined as a union between two people who emerge from different background and has diverse views about life but has decided to proclaimed, I do to each other, this usually excludes all external and internal influences from both sides, but sadly this is wrongly perceived as mothers and fathers involve themselves deeply into the marital affairs of their children, as though they were being married to them and this unfortunately results in different marital problems in their children’s marriage.

As it is in my own definition marriage is the joining together of two imperfect beings who have refused to give up on each other.

Meanwhile, before marriage, comes courtship, it is during courtship that the two love birds tends to know each other better and weigh each other flaws to see if they can tolerate themselves amidst the flaws, bad character etc. one does not wear off all negative behaviors and bad attitude of oneself all in the name of courtship but one tries to adjust as to fit in to the other person’s shoes. In courtship therefore, there are so many things that can turn on the relationship and makes it gloom, spark and blossom. Some of these elements that ignite the relationship are;

Love: This is considered as the backbone of any relationship, because if there is no love for each other, the relationship will soon be on its way to crumbling, the partners should nurture the love they have for each other and in so doing the love increases and flourishes everyday bringing more happiness to them. They can do this by having a late night dates, seeing weekend movies, going for adventurous expenditures. e.t.c

Respect: This is one of the most important elements in a relationship partners should have and nurture the respect for each other this goes a long way in broadening the love they have for each other. They should also learn how to respect each other opinion this will fetch them more dignity and respect for themselves.

Truth: truthfulness should be the watchword for any relationship that wants to go far because any relationship that its foundation is built on lies will eventually collapse someday. So tell yourselves the truth and be happy.

Faithfulness: The partners involved should strive to be faithful to each other because this will attract more self-respect and trust for themselves.

Devoid of external and internal influences: this includes influence from friends, family at work place etc. all crucial and significant issues should be handled amicably by both parties excluding all friends and family members. This tends to make a pathway to solving minor and major matters that may arise when they eventually settle down as husband and wife.

Learn yourselves: learning oneself is also a process that should take place during courtship ,in this learning process,  as it goes the two lovebirds tries to learn everything about each other ranging from best food, likes, dislikes and it is during this process that one knows what when done by one person the other frowns or smiles at it. At this stage one should be able to give detailed account of each other likes and dislikes.

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