CAMPUS ICON – Odebala Victor Junior

CAMPUS ICON- Odebala Victor Junior

Odebala Victor is a 500 Level student of Lucky Igbenedion University and the president of Faculty of Law students. Elegant by nature and so down to earth. In this interview with Ebube Nnenna ( Acada Campus Rep-Lucky Igbenedion University), who put him through a bundle of questions which border on studies and life as a popular figure on campus.

What are you known for on campus?

I am the President of Law Students Association (LAWSA) of Lucky Igbenedion University.

What does it really entail/involve?

It’s all about Sacrifice, selfless service, it’s like everybody looks up to you at one point or the other and you won’t want to disappoint their expectations.

What motivated your decision to vie for the post?

It’s the way people like Barrack Obama transform systems from good to better. Since my secondary school days I’ve been leading at one point or the other so I guess I saw it as my calling.

What were your initial challenges when you started?

I faced a rough handover of government, I also found myself making a lot of mistakes while I was trying to put together the broken parts.

How did you overcome those challenges?

Basically by Prayers, I realized that challenges come along with greatness so I kept on moving.

Who are your role models?

Barrack Obama, Odebala Victor and Davido.

If you were stopped anywhere and given a microphone to sing a song which song would it be and why?

I love country songs so I’ll go with “I believe in you” by Don William

What’s your proudest moment so far?

Where I am now and having to have served my school.

What inspires you?


My inspiration is drawn from “the Future” knowing that I want to be better keeps me going.

If you were told you had only 5 things to take with you to a deserted island for a month, what would be your 5 picks?

I will go with my bible, blanket, lighter, a pen and a book.

Where do you see yourself probably 10 years from now?

Firstly I’ll be married and secondly I’ll be a senator addressed as Senator Odebala Victor Junior.

What’s your favorite food?

Starch and owo soup.

How do you balance your work and studies? Any favorite tips you’d like to share?

I do them together, there’s time for everything so I try to set my priorities right at this point my academics is more important so all my time to school work and leisure for work.

What does being a politician mean to you?

Being something more than who you really are. Politics is for everyone. It’s a choice.

What’s style to you?

The way you want to be addressed, your style ultimately defines you.

What’s your message to Acada extra readers?

Try your best but if you lose hope, know that God’s plans are better than your dreams so stay fly, motivated and focused. Just be you.

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