BET Africa and KZN Film Commission (KZNFC) deliver intrigue and mystery with the 7 Deadly Sins Short Films

Seasoned Actors Tony Kgoroge, Jet Novuka and talented Fanele Ntuli & Zahir Bassa to captivate audiences in suspenseful BET Africa and KZN Film Commision originals film slate


BET Africa in partnership with the KZN Film Commission (KZNFC), are proud to announce that it will be bringing viewers the best in authentic, locally produced made for TV Film Slate. The short film series titled The 7 Deadly Sins will premiere exclusively on BET Africa (DStv 129, Gotv Channel 21) from Friday, 8 October 2021 at 20:30 WAT/21:30 CAT. This series of short films were produced by seven local production companies in KZN who were given a brief to develop stories in line with the theme. The content will bring a unique interpretation of the 7 Deadly Sins, told through the lens of authentic young African filmmakers.


This Local Film Development initiative promises to bring viewers suspense, intrigue and mystery through diverse storylines, emerging and seasoned local talent and distinctive locations that open up landscapes rarely seen on our screens. This affords audiences to appreciate and acknowledge the country’s natural beauty and talent.


“We truly value the collaboration with the KZN Film Commission as it enables us to meet our commitment of continuously creating innovative local content and investing in African talent. BET Africa is the home that celebrates black excellence, culture and storytelling. It’s a privilege to unite talented producers, storytellers and artists to bring audiences content that is truly reflective of South Africa’s rich heritage and cultural diversity.” said Monde Twala, Senior Vice President and General Manager at ViacomCBS Networks Africa and BET International Peer Lead.


This Friday, the premiere instalment of the 7 Deadly Sins series will kick off with a double bill episode titled ‘A better way of dying’ and ‘Indonda’ at 20:30 WAT/21:30 CAT.  The intriguing ‘Indoda’ unpacks the sin of pride, where Buhle, played by James Khumola, has lost touch with his Zulu identity and is struggling to come to terms with the loss of his father at a young age.  In the film titled A Better Way to Die that will lead with the sin of sloth. In this film, we get to meet Cathy, portrayed by Andile Mpise, who suffers from clinical depression. She ascends to the top of a high rise building to commit suicide by jumping to her death, but she’s interrupted by another would-be-jumper, Pete played by Wandile Nodilwa. After an intense dialogue, the duo reach a surprising decision.


Another title of the short films include, the intriguing Double Life, directed by the talented Menga Nhlabathi, starring seasoned actor Tony Kgoroge in the lead role as Pastor Gumede, and Fanele Ntuli as the Pastor’s forbidden fruit. This film delves into the ever-alluring topic of lust.  Gumede, a charismatic man of cloth who is a sex addict is given a second chance to redeem himself and uplift a church in crisis.


In the upcoming weeks, Cash-in-Transit will take viewers on a journey of hidden treasure in KZN’s scenic Newcastle where a doctor, a prison warden, a petty thief and a grumpy old man played by veteran Patrick Ndlovu, compete to get their hands on the money. This film will unpack the sin of greed. We further delve into envy through a film entitled, Sweet Wild Thing, where we meet the resilient Amanda, played by lead Savanni Chinnapan, who grew up on the streets of Durban. In the complex relationship of the protection of a gang in exchange for her safety, she has to prove her loyalty continuously. In the film titled  ‘Before 8am’, audiences are introduced to Trevor Adams played by Zahir Bassa, who is dealing with the loss of his wife due to Covid-19. Through his lack of understanding and overwhelming grief which turns into intense rage, he blames the Higher Power and himself for her death.


Viewers will also explore the theme of gluttony in a film titled ‘Red Tape’, where Radebe, portrayed by the award-winning actor Jet Novuka, is a “righteous” man and single father whose pride knows no bounds, as he lives for his son. With his excessive pride, his only saving grace will be his passion for justice.


“This collaborative partnership with BET Africa is in line with KZNFC’s strategic goal of narrating KZN stories and enabling the content to reach a broad audience in the country and across the continent through BET Africa’s continental footprint.  We look forward to seeing the 7 Deadly Sins series on our screens. KZN stories are a testament to our province’s remarkable locations and superior skill set of local cast and crew,” said Carol Coetzee, the CEO of the KZN Film Commission.


Through this co-production, BET Africa and KZNFC seek to promote local authentic content by inspiring excellence and elevating black culture through thought-provoking and original storytelling that resonates with audiences. The art and passion of storytelling is inherent in African tradition and is embedded in its culture. It is how heritage and history are passed from generation to generation.


For the best in authentic African storytelling, catch BET Africa’s & KZNFC original 7 Deadly Sins every Friday evening from 8 October 2021 at 20:30 WAT/21:30 CAT, exclusively on BET AFRICA (DStv Channel 129).


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